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FEATURED ARTIST: Andrea Kvas, Untitled, 2013. Cotton, bleach, fabric dye, water-based paint, acrylic, resin, pigments, shellac, pigmented polyurethane foam. 148 x 558 cm. Courtesy the artist and Chert, Berlin. 
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{RO/LU has the photos of Cy Twombly’s palazzo from that 1966 Vogue feature, and hey ho, he had a Richter. How’d that happen?
Richter had shown Frau Marlow (1964) in his earliest exhibitions: at Galerie Schmela in Dusseldorf and the Capital Realism group show at Rene Block in Berlin. Twombly had been in a 2-person show with Rauschenberg in Dusseldorf in 1960, and the Venice Biennale in 1964, and so on. But I guess I wonder how Twombly came to own a painting by the just-emerging Richter.
Frau Marlow wasn’t seen in public for 35 years, until 1991.
Frau Marlow CR:28, 1964 []}

From vivid red lips to bold lashes, a classic beauty look goes a long way.

Japanese Poster: Image and Environment. Masao Shirasawa. 2012